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Hydroclay GCL Lake

Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)

SuDS is a technique that manages surface water and groundwater sustainably. It is extremely effective.


The benefits of using Hydroclay Geosynthetic Clay Liner include:


Reducing flood risk

Maintaining, creating or restoring natural flow regimes

Improving water resources

Enhancing natural amenity

Highly cost-effective


Hydroclay Geosynthetic Clay Liner allow plants to grow on them, perfect for natural filtration

Storing runoff and releasing it (attenuation)

Transporting (conveying) water on the surface

Filtering out pollutants through reedbeds and plants

Allowing sediments to settle out by controlling the flow of the water

Anaerobic Digestion Basin Lining

Hydroclay Claymat Cut Away SM
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