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Zootech provide pumps and filtration equipment to support aquatic environments, such as lakes, ponds and pools.

Bentomat - Freshwater Habitats Trust

Hydroclay are proud Corporate associates of the Freshwater Habitats Trust (formerly Pond Conservation) - a national charity dedicated to protecting the wildlife of our freshwaters including ponds, rivers, streams and lakes.


Hydroclay are members of the The Constructed Wetland Association (CWA), a professional association, representing all those who are interested in, and practicing in the field of constructed wetland technology.

Bentomat - Habitat Aid

Fellow supporters of the Freshwater Habitats Trust, Habitat Aid is a one-stop resource for creating sustainable landscapes and delivering biodiversity.

Bentomat - Legacy Habitat Management

Fellow supporters of the FHT, Legacy Habitat Management are a leading wildlife habitat management specialist, focussing on wildlife mitigation, all types of fencing, conservation management & wildlife habitat installations.

Bentomat - Aquilina

Fellow supporter of the Freshwater Habitats Trust,  Robert Aquilina is a Consulting Ecologist specialising in all aspects of freshwater, brackish and wetland ecology.

Bentomat - Fishery Network

Fishery Network is dedicated to providing up to date information to both fishery owners, managers and anglers throughout the UK.

Bentomat - Anglo Aqua Plants

Fellow supporters of the Freshwater Habitats Trust, Anglo Aquatic Plants stock the widest range of high quality aquatic plants available to the trade in the UK.