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Hydroclay Geosynthetic Clay Barrier Lining systems consist of a layer of bentonite encapsulated between two textiles which are needle-punched together.


The result is an easy to install, self-healing, self-seaming Geosynthetic Clay Liner that requires no maintenance.


The swelling properties of the Sodium Bentonite clay and cushioning of the textiles to construst the Geosynthetic Clay Liner eliminate the need for underlay.


Hydroclay Geosynthetic Clay Liner is easily deployed on slopes with a 1:3 gradient and requiring just 300mm confining layer


Hydroclay Geosynthetic Clay Liner requires no additional Bentonite, tape or welding.


Hydroclay LX Geosynthetic Clay Liner has the additional benefit of a thin flexible membrane adding an extra layer of protection to the GCL

"Simply put, Hydroclay Geosynthetic Clay Liner blows any other pond liner out of the water!" - Joey Romany

  • Lake, Pond, Lagoon and Reservoir Construction

  • Swimming Ponds

  • Fisheries

  • Canals, Streams, & Rivers

  • Aquaponics

  • SuDS Scheme Projects

  • Attenuation Lake and Pond Lining

  • Balancing Ponds

  • Slurry Pits

  • Golf Course Water Features

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