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Hydroclay Geosynthetic Clay Barrier Lining systems consist of a layer of bentonite encapsulated between two textiles which are needle-punched together.


The result is an easy to install, self-healing, self-seaming liner that requires no maintenance.


The swelling properties of the Sodium Bentonite clay and cushioning of the textiles eliminate the need for underlay.


Easily deployed on slopes with a 1:3 gradient and requiring just 300mm confining layer


Hydroclay requires no additional Bentonite, tape or welding.


Hydroclay LX has the additional benefit of a thin flexible membrane adding an extra layer of protection to the GCL

"Simply put, Hydroclay blows any other pond liner out of the water!" - Joey Romany

  • Lake, Pond, Lagoon and Reservoir Construction

  • Swimming Ponds

  • Fisheries

  • Canals, Streams, & Rivers

  • Aquaponics

  • SuDS Scheme Projects

  • Attenuation Lake and Pond Lining

  • Balancing Ponds

  • Slurry Pits

  • Golf Course Water Features

Hydroclay LX

Geosynthetic Clay Liner

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